Mehergarh Productions




Journey Towards Light (روشنی سفر میں)

Taking Sexual Harassment Complaints through the Inquiry Committee

This is a seven minute long documentary, made to educate people on how to report cases of sexual harassment to the Standing Inquiry Committee of their organization. It gives the procedure in detail to make it easier for people to take action. Knowing what to do actually gives people confidence to take action. The documentary shows a young girl who gets sexually harassed by her boss and then decides to report the case. It also shows how the young girl continues her job with more confidence after going through the process.

Agents of Change (تبدیلی کے علم بردار)

Making Workplaces More Dignified

This short film is to inspire people to make them pro-active and participate in the countrywide implementation of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Laws that were passed by the government of Pakistan in the beginning of 2010. This documentary is about a few people from all the 5 provinces who received training from Mehergarh on Anti-Sexual Harassment Legislation and have been very actively working on the implementation of these laws and making the workplaces dignified for both men and women. Our hope is that after watching this documentary, people will want to become pro-active and take action.

Leaders of Tomorrow (مستقبل کے معمار)

Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Universities

This short film is about the extent of sexual harassment in educational institutions and the steps that are being taken to clean them out. It talks about the implementation of Anti-Sexual Harassment Legislation and also the Anti-sexual Harassment Policy developed by the Higher Education Commission.



A National Hero of Pakistan 

Implementing the 18th Amendment

Taking the Lead

July 1st 2011, The Day of Provincial Autonomy of Pakistan




A Win for the People of Pakistan

18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan






Marwa’s Story (ماروا کی کہانی)

A Farm Worker Living in Bondage

Women working in different professions face grave challenges. These are related mostly to adverse work environments, sexual harassment an at times assault. Women working as agricultural far labor in interior Sindh however face challenges that are beyond our imaginations. A large number of these women, along with their families, become slaves of the landlords, who, mostly through offering loans and manipulating accounts, trap them into a bonded situation. This is a story of one such woman. Marwa has related the hardships she has experienced and hr aspirations for future.