Mehergarh Productions

I Was Not Alone (میں اکیلی نہ تھی)

A Pakistani Activist’s Journey for Change

Fouzia Saeed tells the story of working women’s struggle to secure their rights in Pakistan. Forming the AASHA movement, she and hundreds of other challenged a nation’s behavior towards working women. The movement led the whole country to stand together against sexual harassment at workplace, resulting in passage of landmark legislation for the protection of women’s rights.


The Story of a Banyan Tree (ایک برگد کی کہانی)

9000 Years of Spiritual Heritage of Pakistan 

Some charred pieces are all that remain of the enormous trunk. But the roots survived…

“for this is the story of our own spiritual roots… roots that go back 9000 years”.

While Pakistan suffers from religious extremism, sectarian violence and militancy, the country also has a tremendously rich and ancient spiritual heritage that is often overlooked. Today, more than ever before, it is essential for Pakistanis to identify, reconnect with and nurture their spiritual roots, essential elements of which are still evident their everyday lives.

Hum Aisay Kyun Hain (ہم ایسے کیوں ہیں)

A film written and directed by Shoaib Mansoor and narrated by Hamid Mir, Asma Sherazi, Meher Bokhari, Iftikhar Ahmed, Shahzeb Khanzada, Faisal Qureshi, Fahad Hussain, Fareeha Idrees and Zunaira Azhar.


Between The Fires (شعلوں کی ذد میں)

Discrimination and violence on the basis of religion is ubiquitous but disguised under the hood of sham norms of our social acceptability. This effort chronicles the issues religious minorities of Pakistan face ranging from forced conversions, forced marriages, and whole spectra of religious intolerance and stages various actors of this sad saga. Our diverse cultural ideology and history of prosperous coexistence implores to engage masses in creating a more harmonious nation, capable of respecting each other’s beliefs.





Bonded Labour (قفس)

Many do not believe that, in the 21st century, keeping people in bondage and slavery could still be an issue. After working on this issue in Pakistan for the past 15 years, Mehergarh decided to produce this film to make people aware of the existence of the problem, its complicated dynamics and lack of willingness to eradicate it. In the face of a strong contingent of our society that wants to keep this system in operation, we wish to convince you to join us to cleanse our country of such ills.


Go Private Sector!

This is a short film showing responses of private sector managers on the issue of sexual harassment. We have probed their views on having on anti-sexual harassment policy in their companies. It provides a good analysis of pros and con of having such a policy.




Aagahi (آگہی – احتساب کی طرف پہلا قدم)

Taking Sexual Harassment Complaints through the Ombudsperson

This short film is made to educate people on how to report cases of sexual harassment to the Ombudspersons appointed specially for the Anti Sexual Harassment law. It gives the procedure in detail, as knowing what to do actually gives people confidence to take action. The documentary shows a young girl who gets sexually harassed by her boss and then decides to report the case. This film also shows the harasser bearing the consequences of harassing the girl.

Journey Towards Light (روشنی سفر میں)

Taking Sexual Harassment Complaints through the Inquiry Committee

This is a seven minute long documentary, made to educate people on how to report cases of sexual harassment to the Standing Inquiry Committee of their organization. It gives the procedure in detail to make it easier for people to take action. Knowing what to do actually gives people confidence to take action. The documentary shows a young girl who gets sexually harassed by her boss and then decides to report the case. It also shows how the young girl continues her job with more confidence after going through the process.

Agents of Change (تبدیلی کے علم بردار)

Making Workplaces More Dignified

This short film is to inspire people to make them pro-active and participate in the countrywide implementation of the Anti-Sexual Harassment Laws that were passed by the government of Pakistan in the beginning of 2010. This documentary is about a few people from all the 5 provinces who received training from Mehergarh on Anti-Sexual Harassment Legislation and have been very actively working on the implementation of these laws and making the workplaces dignified for both men and women. Our hope is that after watching this documentary, people will want to become pro-active and take action.

Leaders of Tomorrow (مستقبل کے معمار)

Dealing with Sexual Harassment at Universities

This short film is about the extent of sexual harassment in educational institutions and the steps that are being taken to clean them out. It talks about the implementation of Anti-Sexual Harassment Legislation and also the Anti-sexual Harassment Policy developed by the Higher Education Commission.



A National Hero of Pakistan (پاکستان کا قومی ہیرو)

Implementing the 18th Amendment

This short film acknowledges the struggle of Senator Mian Raza Rabbani in bringing about a legislative revolution in Pakistan in the form of 18th Constitutional Amendment.



A Win for the People of Pakistan (پاکستان کے لوگوں کی جیت)

18th Amendment in the Constitution of Pakistan

This short Film enlightens the movement on devolution of provinces under the 18th constitutional amendment and acknowledges the achievement of the government and all the political parties in getting the amendment passed.



Marwa’s Story (ماروا کی کہانی)

A Farm Worker Living in Bondage

Women working in different professions face grave challenges. These are related mostly to adverse work environments, sexual harassment an at times assault. Women working as agricultural far labor in interior Sindh however face challenges that are beyond our imaginations. A large number of these women, along with their families, become slaves of the landlords, who, mostly through offering loans and manipulating accounts, trap them into a bonded situation. This is a story of one such woman. Marwa has related the hardships she has experienced and hr aspirations for future.

Zero Tolerance

This documentary deals with the Code of Conduct on Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act 2010. It provides the definition of sexual harassment and describes its consequences, the social pressures a complainant faces and possible remedies. It also tells the organizations to adopt the anti-sexual harassment policy for a healthy work environment.


The Hidden Face of Pakistan

11,000 years of spiritual heritage to counter extremism, to educate our youth about the rich spiritual heritage of Pakistan and its significance. It is an account of historical developments of spirituality in this land and the basic principles of spirituality in everyday lives of the people of Pakistan.


Azzad Naujawan (آزاد نوجوان – خود آگہی کا ابتدائی کورس)

It is a documentary on an Awareness Program conducted for Youth in which they were educated to see and weigh up the whole society from different angles, which includes National and International Movements, provincial issues, democracy, structure of a democratic state, values of political parties, parliamentary system, judiciary, laws, constitution of Pakistan, patriarchal and matriarchal system, history of this region, our civilizations, culture, music and our National Heroes. The basic purpose of this documentary is to enable the youth to put aside the provincial and cultural differences and play their role efficiently for the development of the country.

Hamara Taqqadus (ہمارا تقدس)

This documentary deals with the amendment in section 509 of Pakistan Penal Code under which insulting the modesty of women or sexually harassing them is a crime. This documentary also tells a narrative of the experience and courage of the victims of sexual harassment while they stand against the harassers.

A Brief Journey of AASHA

It is an account of the eleven years of struggle against Sexual Harassment, since December 2001, in getting the laws against sexual harassment passed, the implementation of the two laws against Sexual harassment and their monitoring in organizations all over Pakistan.